Raising children. Transforming lives

NPH – Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos – is a leading provider of childcare programmes in Latin American and the Caribbean.

We believe that every child needs a family.

We transform the lives of vulnerable children and families with healthcare, educational programmes, a home and more.

NPH breaks the cycle of poverty

The NPH family administers programmes for vulnerable children and families, including through residential care homes, in Bolivia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua and Peru.

Comprehensive health care

NPH offers comprehensive healthcare for all children in our programmes, including community students who attend our schools.

Home-grown food

At NPH we grow much of our own food. We provide children with three nutritious meals and snacks every day as well as specialised treatment for those who are underweight.

Empowering students to serve their communities

NPH empowers each student with respect, spiritual guidance, and opportunities to serve in their communities. Youth development programmes and life planning assist with creating goals and NPH’s mentoring helps each individual reach their full potential.

NPH provides education programmes from pre-school all the way through to university based on the unique abilities of each child.

Vocational training to university studies

NPH ensures paths to vocational career training and university studies, including opportunities for advanced leadership and formation training.

Building families. Supporting families. Being family.

At NPH, we know the value of family. From promoting parental care to preventing family separation, we do whatever we can to reinforce and rebuild the family as the best place for the child.

For our children with living relatives, we offer outreach programmes that feature critical support and parenting training.

In cases where the child has no living family members, we build a strong family structure to promote their healthy development.

We are a family to those without one

NPH ensures the love, care and support of a family unit. This builds a strong sense of self, community and culture.

As their family, NPH helps children build relationships with their peers through play, empowers them by nurturing self-confidence and provides spiritual formation that is grounded in moral values. This means keeping siblings together, and providing a safe environment, proper education and excellent medical care. Our mission is to free these children from a cycle of poverty by giving them the skills and support so they can shape a better future for themselves.

NPH programmes provide each individual child the resources they need to remain in their home country, where as adults they play a critical role in improving their communities.

Seeking the best solution for children and their families

NPH works in partnership with local child welfare government systems to ensure either a protective state (living at an NPH home temporarily or permanently) or family strengthening (family reintegration with parenting support). Our goal is finding the best solution for each individual child and their family.

Care and a family for life

If and when an NPH child is reintegrated with family, NPH promises a continuum of care that provides extensive follow-up support focused on the well-being of the child, including a connection to the broader NPH family for life.

Caring for medically fragile children

One in 5 NPH children have special medical needs or a disability, ranging from asthma and cerebral paralysis to epilepsy and HIV.  We care for them through life-saving surgeries, specialty medications, consultations with international experts and additional treatment options through our healthcare partner organizations. Without NPH, many would simply not survive. In some cases, we provide lifelong, round-the-clock care to children with chronic conditions.

Our family responds

Whether it be responding to a natural disaster or local crisis, or partnering with national child welfare agencies, saving children and their families takes the combined resources of NPH and our partner organizations. Together, we implement the best care practices and customize our services to meet the needs of the surrounding area. At the same time we ensure that we adhere to local legal, ethical and cultural standards. By uniting international and local efforts, we are able to achieve meaningful progress in the community.

Children leading by example

Our goal is to prepare NPH children to lead by example in their local communities. We develop these abilities through a variety of educational opportunities, including youth development conferences, and our year of service programme. These programmes promote self-confidence, leadership development and open doors so that our youth are empowered to pursue their career interests.

NPH opens doors to careers and colleges

After secondary school, each NPH youth has the opportunity to finish a technical course or pursue a university degree.

In return, those that attend college are asked volunteer for a year of service at NPH before or after the completion of their studies. In sharing their experiences with their family, graduates help and inspire their brothers and sisters to follow in their footsteps.

In our nearby communities, a university degree is rare. But the impact and the leadership of higher education are immeasurable.

Advanced skills for young adults

We further develop leadership skills in our young adults through the NPH International Seattle Institute. This programme brings some of our most promising youths together to experience a year of service, teamwork and personal growth. For 10 months, these students live with host families in Washington state and attend English classes at a local community college where they experience a broader view of the world around them.

Over 25 young adults are now graduates of this programme and have returned to their home countries better prepared to serve their local communities and their extended NPH family in a variety of leadership roles.

Powerful girls can break the cycle of poverty

At NPH, we are empowering the next generation of women through “Chicas Poderosas” (Powerful Girls). This gender equality programme prepares girls to achieve sustainable life goals through education, activities and community service on their way to realising their full potential.