Home to over 300 children

Vulnerable children in Guatemala receive health care, an education, and professional development from NPH, with support from people like you.

In Guatemala’s highlands, about an hour from Guatemala City in Parramos, Casa San Andrés is home to over 300 children. Situated 1500 meters above sea level, with Volcano Fuego as the backdrop, the red brick buildings and roofs of the NPH family centre lie in contrast to the rich landscape of the country. Since its inception in 1996, this family has been growing yearly.

Educating children from the community

In 2000, Casa San Andres opened its doors to impoverished children from the community to offer educational scholarships. The programme has been so successful that the centre now has over 150 external students. Over 100 students from the surrounding community have graduated from the NPH Basic School since it opened to local families. The participating students benefit from quality instruction by the teachers and a superior education which they may utilize throughout their lives.

Vocational training, health care and more

Pulse being taken at the NPH clinic
Pulse being taken at the NPH clinic

Apart from the school campus, there are dormitories for the children who permanently live at NPH, kitchen and common dining room, library and a computer room. There is also an administrative complex, staff and volunteer housing, and 5 workshops where the older children receive vocational training (bakery, cooking, sewing, welding, handicrafts and carpentry). A clinic serves the children and staff of NPH, but also provides medical assistance to people from the surrounding communities.

Support for children with special needs

Castillo Mágico, is a centre for children with specials needs inside the NPH grounds. It provides 24-hour care for over 20 children with severe disabilities and neurological issues.

Youths and children engage in sustainable farming

With the goal of becoming more sustainable, the youths and children help maintain the various farm animals and assist in growing carrots, radishes, onions, tomatoes, chayote, cabbage, and various herbs.

The team

NPH Guatemala is led by Orlando Ramos, along with over 145 dedicated staff.

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