NPH UK collaborates with a number of businesses and organisations who share our interest in improving the lives of vulnerable children.

The Childhood Trust

At NPH, our primary commitment is to improving children’s lives in Latin America. Our founder Father Wasson began NPH in Mexico, we are experts in childcare issues in the region, and the majority of the people who work with us are from Latin America.

However, we are acutely aware that many children in the UK face similar issues to those that we work to overcome in Latin America.

Childhood Trust logo Through our collaboration with The Childhood Trust, we commit part of the funds we raise to supporting children in poverty in London. Through this connection we also strengthen our relationship to those who support the mainstay of our work. Additionally, working with the Childhood Trust, we support projects that are a good fit with our philosophy of childcare.

Poverty in London, in the words of The Childhood Trust

“There are 700,000 children living below the poverty line in London and the number is rising. The lowest 10% of this group suffer significant hardship with inadequate accommodation, care and nutrition. Children in poverty under-perform in education, are more likely to witness violence and drug taking and are more likely to be the victims of crime; mental and physical health are affected by stress, poor diets and insecure living conditions and, most starkly, their life expectancy is reduced. The Childhood Trust works to prevent the cycle of poverty repeating and to improve the well being and life chances of children and young people living in very challenging circumstances.”

How NPH helped London’s children in 2018

Thanks to a grant of £5,000 from NPH UK towards The Summer Give 2018, The Childhood Trust leveraged matched funding to raise a total of £23,000 for 4 selected projects in London supporting disadvantaged children in 2018:
Bexley Moorings
The Avenues Youth Project
Venture Community Association