NPH UK collaborates with a number of charitable trusts and foundations, organisations and businesses who share our interest in improving the lives of vulnerable children.

Trusts and foundations

We are very grateful to the charitable trusts and foundations who award grants for our work. They play a key role in enabling us to continue to support thousands of children across Latin America.

Trusts and foundations can make grants towards specific projects and programmes in the areas of education, health, nutrition, sustainability, childcare and girls’ empowerment or donate unrestricted funds which we assign wherever the need is greatest. We provide reports on how the grant is used, including photos and testimonies from the children and young people who benefit.

Our charitable trust and foundation partners

A huge thank you to the charitable trusts and foundations who have supported us over the last 18 months:

  • The Souter Charitable Trust who donated to our educational programme in Bolivia that supports almost 100 vulnerable children to attend school.
  • The Tula Trust whose grants supported disadvantaged children to attend school in Bolivia and provided early childhood education and nutrition to vulnerable children in Guatemala.
  • Open Gate Trust who supported our greenhouse expansion project in Mexico, which provides home-grown, nutritious food to around 500 children.
  • The Pat Newman Memorial Trust whose grant helped provide mental health support to 200 vulnerable children in Guatemala.
  • The Grace Trust who supported our programme of specialised care and education for 16 children and young adults with disabilities in Honduras.
  • Gilchrist Educational Trust whose grant enabled us to purchase more academic books to enhance the quality of education we provide to over 250 children at our schools in Nicaragua.

Interested in partnering with us?

We welcome new partnerships with charitable trusts and foundations. If you are a trustee of a grant-making organisation or know of a charitable trust or foundation that may be interested in supporting NPH UK, please get in touch.

Collaboration with like-minded organisations

At NPH, our primary commitment is to improving children’s lives in Latin America. Our founder Father Wasson began NPH in Mexico, we are experts in childcare issues in the region, and the majority of the people who work with us are from Latin America.

However, we are acutely aware that many children and young people in the UK face similar issues to those that we work to overcome in Latin America.

Through our collaboration with The Childhood Trust, in 2018 and 2019 we committed part of the funds we raised to supporting children in poverty in London. Through this connection we also strengthened our relationship to those who support the mainstay of our work. Additionally, working with the Childhood Trust, we supported projects that are a good fit with our philosophy of childcare.

How NPH has helped London’s children

Thanks to a grant of £5,000 from NPH UK towards The Summer Give 2018, The Childhood Trust leveraged matched funding to raise a total of £23,000 for 4 selected projects in London supporting disadvantaged children in 2018: