Home for over 300 children

Vulnerable children in Honduras receive health care, an education, and professional development from NPH, with support from people like you.

A thriving, bustling community less than an hour from the capital of Honduras, Rancho Santa Fe is the second oldest of the NPH centres, opening in 1985. Over 300 hundred boys and girls make their home in this vast wooded oasis in the hills—a metropolis in comparison to the surrounding quiet pueblos—while an additional 100 youths study and live in the capital, Tegucigalpa.

From Montessori preschool to vocational workshops

NPH Honduras operates a Montessori-based preschool and elementary school, junior high school and vocational workshops. Each student is required to take courses in a specific trade; carpentry, electricity, shoe making, seamstress, tailoring and welding, as well as a life skills and home economics.

Nutritional food grown on site

Girl eating orange during snack time
Eating oranges during snack time

The farm has dairy cows and pigs. Cheese is made on-site along with tortillas and bread. Aside from the farm, NPH Honduras also boasts a model greenhouse, vegetable gardens and fruit orchards, which provide the children with well-balanced, nutritional meals.

Care for the elderly

Unique to the Honduras family is Casa Eva, is a rest home for elderly adults who previously had no one to care for them until coming to NPH. These loved grandparents are included in Ranch activities and add a wonderful balance to our growing family.

Supporting the community

Three other important components of the NPH Honduras family are located in the capital. Casa de Los Ángeles provides 24-hour care for 16 children with severe disabilities. Pasos Pequeñitos, a children’s daycare centre, helps single mothers in difficult circumstances who need extra assistance in caring for their children. Casa Esperanza, in Catacamas, is for children in emergency situations who are awaiting family reintegration. Additional community service programmes include a children’s soup kitchen in the nearby town of Talanga, which provides daily food and vitamins to 30 impoverished children who would otherwise go unfed.

The team

NPH Honduras is led by Marlon Velásquez, along with over 160 dedicated staff.

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