Home to over 100 children

Vulnerable children in Peru receive health care, an education, and professional development from NPH, with support from people like you.

In the warm and peaceful coastal town of San Vicente de Cañete, 2 hours south of the capital, Lima, resides the eighth NPH family centre, Casa Santa Rosa. Over 100 children live in the brick family style houses which include hot water solar technology. Since the home began in 2004, this family has lived in two other areas of Peru, finally settling in their current location of 15 hectares in 2011.

Plans for a better home – with your support

Girl having her ears checked at the clinic
Girl having her ears checked at the clinic

Casa Santa Rosa facilities also include temporary buildings for the dining hall, therapy rooms, clinic and a library. The playgrounds, soccer and volleyball fields were constructed with the help of volunteers who visit the home yearly. The centre plans to create their own vegetable gardens including a small farm. Administrative offices, school, a therapy centre and additional family style houses will complete the complex once more funding is secured.

Caregivers trained as teachers

Students attend the local preschool through secondary school within walking distance of the home and there are currently 11 students who are studying in the university located in the city of San Vicente de Cañete and Lima. NPH Peru prides itself on hiring caregivers that are trained as teachers, which enables homework and tutoring to be more streamlined. The caregivers support the students through their academic challenges and physical and occupational volunteer therapists help children with motor and cognitive issues.

The team

NPH Peru is led by Rafael Arce and a team of over 39 dedicated staff and volunteers.