A little help can change a life

You could sponsor a child who just needs that little extra help to thrive, providing them with:

  • education
  • healthcare
  • nutrition
  • …and other essentials.
Schoolgirl at NPH El Salvador
Education is a top priority at NPH, here in El Salvador

Community sponsorship through NPH is a personal way to improve the life of a vulnerable child.

Almost 3,000 children from low-income households and at risk communities receive scholarships from NPH to attend school or university. Over 170 children are part of our OneFamily programme that enables vulnerable families to stay together. Your support can make all the difference.

Where you can sponsor

You can sponsor a child in our OneFamily programme in Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Peru. You can sponsor a child to receive an education in Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti and Nicaragua.

Two ways to sponsor a child in the community

Formal education


Escarleth* is proof that you can help a child rise above poverty and achieve their full potential.

Read more about Escarleth’s progress with help from NPH.

NPH OneFamily

NPH OneFamily provides families with the support to get through tough times and stay together.

See how the will to live and help from NPH have kept this family afloat.

Escarleth, determined to succeed, with help from you

Escarleth came from a family of very modest means, but with help from people like you, she’s now studying psychology at university.

“I’m becoming a person who can influence things and inspire others through my life story and through the steps that I have taken.”

Escarleth, beneficiary of an education with NPH Honduras

These are the values we aspire to promote at NPH.

A Guatemalan family stronger and together with help from NPH

Support through the NPH OneFamily programme helps keep families like the Lozano Canales* together and gives them the means to survive a crisis like Covid-19.

“Without the help from NPH, we as a family would already have been lost.”

Christina Rosana, mother of a family in the NPH OneFamily programme

Frequently asked questions about community sponsorship

You are likely to have many questions about what child sponsorship entails. With many years of experience, NPH has the answers. Start by taking a look at our list of frequently ask

ed questions. If you don’t find what you’re looking for there, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

*Privacy note

Children’s names, marked with an asterisk, have been changed to protect their privacy.

It’s great for you too!

  • You help a child or young person to fulfil their potential
  • You follow their progress through regular updates
  • You support families to grow stronger and stay together
  • You get to know your sponsor child’s country and their culture