A community scholarship with NPH can allow a child to obtain the education that fits with their abilities.

A way out of poverty

It can make the difference between their remaining trapped in poverty or becoming independent and giving others the benefit of their education.

Escarleth, from Honduras, comes from a family of very modest means.

With support from NPH and sponsors like you, she is pursuing her dream of a university degree in psychology and plans to give those with mental illness the benefit of her education.

Escarleth’s early days with the programme

Three years later…

Three years after we filmed Escarleth talking about the benefits of the NPH community scholarship, we caught up with her to ask about her life now and what NPH has meant to her.

What was your situation before you joined the NPH community scholarship programme?

“My family couldn’t afford to pay for my studies. I was thinking of just doing basic studies to be able to provide for them. That prevented me from seeing myself as a graduate pursuing a professional career. Living out in the countryside stopped me from doing lots of things, and because I didn’t have the means to move somewhere else, it looked like I faced a life of earning a living as best as I could in our village. Then I got the chance to join “Chicas Poderosas” (an NPH programme to promote equality for girls). Going to the meetings really got me fired up about studying. The programme made me realise that I was capable of more than I had thought.”

What did you most enjoy about high school?

Escarleth in 2020

“I enjoyed getting to know more people and being involved in activities that taught me how we think and how our thinking develops. Now that I’m studying psychology, every class that I attend makes me love my degree more. My favourite is psychophysiology, where we have visited old people in homes. I have really enjoyed that. I also love seeing how children develop, which is why I chose to do my year of service at the Pasos Pequeñitos childcare centre (after growing up with help from NPH, young people give back to NPH with a year of support in one of our facilities). It’s fascinating to see how my way of thinking is developing, as well as my capacity to help other people.”

What would you say were the greatest benefits of being part of the scholarship programme?

“Being included in lots of activities and opening my mind. It´s been a real treat to discover things I didn’t think I could do. I have also got to know a lot of people who support me emotionally. They have come out on top, regardless of the situations that they have faced. From hearing their stories I’ve learnt that it’s not enough just get ahead myself, but that I have to give other people the benefit of my experience.”

How has your life changed since being part of the programme?

“It’s changed how I think and how I behave. Previously I had a very narrow view of the world and I found it difficult to get close to people. Now I’m more sociable and I’ve discovered that I have the knack for giving advice, which I do whenever I can.”

What are your dreams for the future?

“I see myself with my degree certificate in my hand, specialising in a particular area or studying for a masters, as well as helping lots of people with my professional skills. In the past I wanted something very material and self-centred; I just wanted to escape my very poor standard of living. Everything changed when my brother was close to suicide because of anxiety attacks. From then on I have felt that I have to help not only him but anybody who needs me. I’m becoming a person who can influence things and inspire others through my life story and through the steps that I have taken.”

Do you have a message for donors about the value of their contribution to young people like you?

“Please keep supporting young people in need. There are always those who want to study and get ahead. Thank you for all your support. By giving a young person a helping hand, you enable them to change their own lives and the lives of those around them.”

Escarleth isn’t the only one

Isn’t it amazing how much difference a little support can make?

Escarleth is one of many young people now thriving thanks to sponsorship by people like you.

Your support can allow another child or young person to thrive as Escarleth has.