Organise an Aerobics event and charge for the class.
Host an Arts and crafts evening and ask for an entry fee.
Hold an Afternoon tea for friends or colleagues and ask for donations.
Arrange an Auction of promises or services for the day such as ‘chef’
or ‘beautician’.


Hold a summer BBQ and charge guests an entrance fee.
Brave a Bungee jump and ask for donations.
Hold a Bingo night and donate half the winnings.
Sell your unwanted Books and donate the profits.


Host a Cake sale or coffee morning.
Offer your Car washing services to busy friends, family and neighbours.
Organise a Concert night with local talent and charge for tickets.
Join a Cycling challenge and ask for sponsorship.
Host a Cocktail party and ask your friends for donations.


Offer your services as a Dog walker to your busy neighbours, friends and family.
Donate a Day’s wage and encourage your friends to do the same.
Hold a Dinner party for your friends and ask them to donate for a great cause.


Arrange an Easter egg hunt and charge for the chocolate!
Take part in an Expedition challenge and ask for sponsorship.
eBay – donate a percentage of your sales to us.


Set up a face painting stall at a fete or fair and donate the proceeds.
Organise a charity football match and charge people to play and watch.
Hold a fancy-dress day at work and ask your colleagues to donate to take part.


Sell your unwanted belongings in a garage sale and raise lots of cash.
Offer your gardening services to neighbours.


Volunteer to do a sponsored head shave.
Create handmade items to sell at local craft fairs or to your friends.
Donate an hour’s pay and ask your colleagues to do the same.
Host a Halloween party and charge friends to be spooked.


Host an international day. Ask colleagues to share dishes and donate to enjoy them.
Offer to do the ironing – at a cost!


Jeans at work day. Ask your colleagues to donate £5.
Make your own jewellery or sell your unwanted bling.


Arrange your own karaoke contest and charge an entry fee.
Knit items to be sold at fairs and bazaars.


‘Ladies who lunch’– ask your friends over for lunch in exchange for a donation.
Ask your colleagues or friends to donate their loose change. All those pennies will add up!


Take part in a local or national marathon.
Give up your mobile phone for a day, a week or even a month and ask for sponsorship.
Does your employer offer a ‘matched giving’ scheme?
Donate the cost of a cinema trip and watch a movie at home with friends.


Hold a non-uniform day for kids at school.
Organise a ‘Name the baby’ competition for friends who are expecting.
Have a night in and ask your friends to donate for a home-cooked meal.


Open your garden to visitors and sell tickets, refreshments, plants and vegetables.
Outdoor challenges are great opportunities for sponsorship.


Take the plunge with a sponsored parachute jump.
Plant a tree in memory of a loved one (in collaboration with your local authority) and invite people to donate.
Hold a pamper party and ask your friends to donate.


Organise a quiz night and charge an entry fee per person.


Hold a raffle and ask friends and local companies to donate prizes.
Do a sponsored readathon.


Take part in a sponsored silence.
Guess how many sweets in the jar. Charge £2 to enter.
Swim as many lengths or minutes as you can and ask for sponsorship.
Hold a strawberries and cream day in the summer and charge an entry fee.


Hold a talent competition and ask your friends and family to donate to take part.
Organise a toy sale and declutter while raising money.
Take part in your local triathlon.


Hold a sale of unwanted clothes and gifts.


Go vegan or veggie for a month and get sponsored.


Walk to work for a week and donate what you would have spent on petrol or transport.
Ask for sponsorship to wax the legs or chest of a willing male volunteer!
Host a wine and cheese evening and ask for donations.


Make Xmas cards and crafts and sell them to friends and family.
Organise an X Box tournament and ask for an entry fee.


YOLO challenge. You only live once, so do something amazing and get sponsored!
Organise a charity yoga class and get flexible while fundraising.


Organise a Zumba-thon with a local class instructor for charity.
Take a zip-wire challenge and ask for sponsorship.

Contact NPH for more fundraising help and resources.

If printing this off helps you convince people to join in, you can download the whole list here.