A family for vulnerable Bolivian children

Vulnerable children in Bolivia receive health care, an education, and professional development from NPH thanks to support from people like you.

In a remote lowland village surrounded by trees and expansive green fields, lies the 9th NPH home, Casa Padre Wasson. The Bolivian family began in April 2005. It now has 35 staff and the property has expanded to include 10 family-style homes that house over 100 children, volunteers and employees (there are now 9 homes for children – 4 boys, 4 girls, and one for the babies – and one home for the volunteers). Since Bolivia is the poorest country in South America, NPH is eager to grow and offer a permanent family to more impoverished children.

Support for surrounding villages

Dental clinic in NPH Bolivia
Dental clinic in NPH Bolivia

Since the relocation to the main facility in 2008, three more houses have been built to receive new family members. Construction of a community clinic and four classrooms for our primary students were completed in 2013 to offer more services to the NPH children and surrounding villages. In addition 3 houses for volunteers, visitors and staff members were added in 2016. A fish farm was successfully completed, and the dairy cow project is currently in progress and expecting to have 30 cows by the end of the year.

Connection to the community

NPH Bolivia is fortunate to be near the community of Portachuelo, where our secondary children attend the local parish school and church. The home is proud to have 7 university students (4 men and 3 women), who live in Santa Cruz and return to NPH on the weekends and during their vacation.

The quest for sustainability

Because this is the newest NPH home, the family is still working on many projects. One goal is to reach sustainable agriculture and animal production. This would make the home more independent of high food prices. Programmes like this also allow youths to get involved in planning and production.

The team

NPH Bolivia is led by National Director, Tom Kuiper, and around 47 staff.