How sponsorship changed Hernán’s life

Before coming to NPH, Hernán* was cared for by his grandmother. He has 2 brothers, Henry* and Raúl*.

Missing out on childhood

Hernán’s mother was unwell and unable to care for her children. His father abandoned them when they were very small. Hernán and his brothers struggled to cope with the instability. They had no chance to go to school. One day their mother left the children with their grandmother and never returned.

Hernán, secure at NPH

Hernán and his brothers came to NPH when he was 9 years old. Getting used to the NPH family wasn’t easy, and he was very sad to have left his grandmother. She was very ill and did not have the income to provide for the children’s basic needs.

Back to school; a love of learning

A few months later he was already going to school. After an assessment he was placed in year 4 of primary school. He loved learning new things. At home he enjoyed the food and playing with the other children after school.

After 5 years in the NPH family, Hernán is a very happy, grateful boy. He feels secure. He enjoys reading in his spare time. Now in the second year of secondary school, soon he’ll start working on the equivalent of A-Levels. His favourite subject is maths. He has a best friend, Marcos, whom he loves like a brother.

A childhood spent together

Hernán and Henry
Hernán and his brother Henry

Hernán and his younger brother Henry are living together at the same NPH home in Miacatlán, and are able to spend time together. Their elder brother, Raúl, is with NPH in Cuernavaca, 25 miles away, so he can attend secondary school. They are still all able to see one another. With the support of sponsors like you, they have been able to share a happy childhood.

Aiming high for the future

As an aspiring professional basketball player, Hernán is aiming high: NPH will support him through university where he wants to study PE and sports.

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*Privacy note

Children’s names, marked with an asterisk, have been changed to protect their privacy.