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Access to healthcare in Haiti is unaffordable and inaccessible for the majority. St. Damien is the leading paediatric hospital in Haiti and the only one that treats childhood cancer. You can join the Life Savers working for poor Haitian children.

Good healthcare for a poor population

Can you imagine a mother in Haiti trying to find a cure for her sick child? On average, there is 1 doctor for 15,000 people here, compared to 1 doctor for 360 people in the UK. If there is a doctor, there is often no money to pay for treatment. Just under 1 in 10 children die before their 5th birthday.

St. Damien Hospital: last chance for seriously ill children

Life Saver caring for premature baby at St. Damien
One of our Life Savers caring for a premature baby at St. Damien

By the time a child arrives at St. Damien, they are often already dangerously ill. The parents may have tried at least one other place and been turned away or referred to St. Damien because of the complexity of the case. Malnourishment, poor sanitation and no access to drinking water are the harsh reality for the vast majority of the population. A child may have several conditions, and in combination they quickly become life-threatening.

3 healthcare priorities

St. Damien has 3 priorities:

  • Diminishing mortality in children
  • Offering good maternal care
  • Combating HIV/AIDS

St. Damien is the only specialist children’s hospital in Haiti. We provide services according to what people can afford to pay. In many cases that means we do so without charge. Your can support our work to reduce infant and child mortality, and to offer emergency, critical care to children and women with difficult labour. You can also make the difference to specialty care for children with heart or kidney diseases, birth defects or cancer. Help from people like you also allows St. Damien to combat TB, HIV and cholera.

Thanks to a strong national HIV/AIDS programme, supported by St Damien, among other organisations, the prevalence of HIV in Haiti is dropping. The country is on route to providing universal treatment, with other developing nations emulating its AIDS treatment system.

Join the Life Savers

The team at St. Damien do their best: 565 Haitian staff work tirelessly to give good care to poor people. It’s a life-saving struggle every single day. Lack of resources means that life and death decisions are a reality. Your donation will make a difference.

Will you join the life savers by making a donation?

What you can provide

Healthcare is expensive. Not everyone can donate a round of chemotherapy straight off. But over time, a monthly donation within your means can make a huge difference. For example, after only 8 months, a donation of just £10 a month (4 coffees or a decent pizza) can pay for an emergency room visit and save a life.

£700Critical care for 1 week
£400Inpatient stay for 1 week
£80Emergency room visit

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