Powerful earthquake devastates South-West of the country

A 7.2-magnitude earthquake has claimed the lives of over 1,400 people in Haiti, with more still missing. The earthquake struck on Saturday morning, causing significant destruction, particularly in and around the city of Les Cayes. At least another 6,900 people have been reported injured and an estimated 30,000 families have been left homeless.

Buildings destroyed by earthquake
Buildings destroyed by the earthquake

Haiti is still suffering from the effects of the devastating earthquake of 2010 which killed approximately 200,000 people and injured more than 300,000. You can read more about the 2010 earthquake through the words of Dr. Jacqueline Gautier, Executive Director of St Damien Paediatric Hospital.

Since then, the country has struggled to rebuild amid sustained periods of political and civil unrest, other natural disasters and economic crises. In July 2021, the Haitian president was assassinated, plunging the country into even greater instability.

NPH facilities undamaged and children safe

Fortunately, there has been no reported damage to any of our sites or facilities in the Port-au-Prince area, including St. Damien Hospital which remains open and ready to treat casualties. The children, young people and vulnerable adults in the care of NPH Haiti are safe and well, as are the many dedicated staff. On Saturday evening, the children and their care givers slept outside as a safety precaution due to subsequent tremors.

Children at NPH Haiti sleeping outside in sleeping bags after earthquake
Children at NPH Haiti sleeping outside in case of further tremors

How you and NPH can help people in need

With 34 years’ experience helping Haiti’s most vulnerable children and families, often under incredibly challenging circumstances, NPH knows how to respond most effectively to humanitarian crises. Just as we did in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake, NPH in Haiti will work with our partner, St. Luke Foundation, to support children and families in urgent need.

Your donations will help us to give food, shelter and clothing to those who have lost everything. We will provide first aid and medical care to the injured too, as well as psychological support to help people overcome the trauma they have experienced.