How you can support a productive role model

Half of all youth in Latin America never finish high school, which makes university unattainable. Only 20% of eligible students in Latin America are enrolled in university. Your gift of a university degree can help advance a young adult to the top percentiles in their countries, preparing them to become leaders and engaged, productive citizens. Within our NPH family, university graduates are not only celebrated, they are seen as role models and leaders by example for the many children who follow in their footsteps toward a bright future.

Three ways a university education changes lives

Student Norma
Norma, an NPH scholar: “Through my studies I learn a lot about life: How many factors have to be involved before somebody is able to make a good decision”

Support for their families

Nearly all of our students are the first in their families to graduate from high school and attend college. Upon graduation, your sponsored student, now armed with the best tools available to compete in their local economy, will be better able to secure stable and lucrative work and provide security for his or her own family.

A positive example to others

Their success serves as a beacon of hope and positive example of achievement for all NPH students growing up, illuminating the opportunity for their younger brothers and sisters to dream and set ambitious goals, with the knowledge that NPH will help them succeed.

Qualified to contribute to their society

With a university degree and full formation in NPH family values and principles, your university graduate can be a positive and contributing member of their local society in ways small and large; practicing charity and sharing the love and encouragement they received with those around them.

What it costs and why

The cost of attending university can fluctuate from year to year. A gift of £4,000 annually ensures that students can dedicate themselves fully to their studies. Work study programs and part-time study for university students throughout Latin America and the Caribbean is uncommon and part-time employment does not always accommodate class schedules. Instead, NPH students give a full year of service to the NPH family as a way of sharing in the responsibility for their education. Your gift provides students with the opportunity to fully commit and excel – in school and in life.

University scholarship breakdown

60%: housing, food and transport

40%: tuition, fees, books and supplies


227 graduates and counting