Making optimum use of your contributions

NPH’s financial reporting shows how we strive to make the best possible use of our donors’ contributions. We seek to keep operating expenses as low as possible. We carefully assign all donated funds and publish an annual report and financial statement every year.

Our Annual Report

Our latest annual report from 2019 is published on the website of the Charity Commission for England and Wales here. You can also download it directly here.

In 2019, we provided grants of over £25,000 to our programme countries. In the area of education, we gave disadvantaged children and young people the opportunity to go to pre-school, school and university. We also funded the life-saving work of St. Damien Paediatric Hospital and NPH Haiti’s special needs programme. Thanks to our generous child sponsors, we provided funding to children living in a loving and safe family environment in our homes.

For further reading, here are our previous annual reports from 2018 and 2017.

Why you should donate to NPH

If you have any questions about why NPH is the ideal recipient of your charitable donations, please contact us.

We also encourage you to read about what makes NPH unique and share our cause with family, colleagues and friends.